Anger Addiction

the dependency on one's own anger to feel good

About anger addiction

Anger is uncontrollable reaction to external events that touch our senses. Sometimes they can be caused by perceived threats.

It is interesting how someone can get a "high" feeling when they express their anger.


Anger, aggression, and violence have been a mystery since the beginning of human existence. It is in our nature to get angry, and sometimes express it through violence. The idea of fight or flight comes from survival instincts.
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How can anyone be addicted to anger?

Anger causes rage which is exhilarating. People feel a great amount of adrenaline when they get mad. This is sometimes due to the frontal lobe of the brain being undeveloped, or immature.

Many different ways to treat or help people with anger issues

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Therapy to help understand and process one's anger
  • Anger management classes and groups
  • Medication for those with anxiety or depression


Because people do not become diagnosed with anger addiction, there is no exact number to how many become addicted each yeah or how many enroll in rehab per year. But here are just some interesting statistics;
80% of people said they have been involved in some sort of road rage

45% of people lose their temper at work

32% of people know a family member or friend who has trouble controlling anger

more than 28% of people worry about how they handle their anger

less than 13% of people who believe they have anger issues seek no help

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Having constant anger or troubles with your anger can lead to stress and anxiety. This is unhealthy and can cause much strain on someone. You can become unapproachable and some may be uncomfortable in your presence. It is important to learn how to control your anger for not only your safety and health, but others as well.
Anger Management Techniques