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Sunday, March 14

Q3 DOJO Rewards!

Greetings WMS Families!

It's time to redeem Q3 DOJO points! Please encourage your scholar to take advantage of these awesome incentives for showing their Wolverine SWAGG! Click on the flyer below for more details!

Transportation Update!

We had a wonderful week of learning with all 3 grade levels in the building. Your children are wonderful! Everyone did a nice job following routines and staying safe. We feel confident that we can finalize our transportation plan below and continue to provide a great experience for our students. Please be in touch if you have any questions!


Exceptional Education students will be escorted through the front doors to board their busses.

All other bus riders will be dismissed by grade level to the bus ramp at 2:00 PM.

Car riders/walkers will be called once we have all the students on the busses.

Announcements will be made for all dismissal transitions to ensure structure and safety for all students.


In order to provide transportation for the entire GYSA program across the county, our students are combined with IB bus service across Henrico County. In order to accommodate this process, we will dismiss students at 1:35 each afternoon. This will apply to both in person and virtual students.

· Bus riders will dismiss at 1:35 and ride their respective buses to Moody Middle School and Fairfield Middle School. If a student rides local transportation within the Wilder district, they will remain at school until these buses arrive at 2:00.

· Car riders will dismiss from the front of the school at 1:35 each afternoon.

Starting March 16, GYSA will implement a new learning plan to address the lost instructional time.

To address the lost instructional time, we have a learning plan that will start on Tuesday, March 16.

**There is still a possibility that transportation will modify GYSA bus routes. I will communicate once any further support is shared!

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Food Drive!

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Wilder Week at a Glance Agendas

Please click here for week 26 plans!

One Team. One Vision. #WilderWay


Mission: Our team is committed to serving all scholars by providing them with a safe educational experience focused on deeper learning, celebrating diversity, and fostering leadership.

Vision: We will empower students to reach their full potential by promoting rigorous academic expectations, preparing students to be leaders in the community, nurturing positive relationships, and ensuring the learning and skill development necessary for high student achievement.