Google Docs 101

Learn something new . . . . ONLINE.

High Tech Learning

Many high schools and colleges now offer classes that are online. But taking an online class is very different from sitting in a classroom with classmates and teachers.

What You'll Learn

  • Basic word processing
  • How to use Google Docs
  • How to work with other people online
  • How to take an online class

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what to do?

- video lessons and reading

How will I ask questions or get help?

- help forums, chat, email

When are assignments due?

- no due dates, but you have to finish before June

How many assignments will I have to complete?

- five short files

When can I do the work for this class?

- anytime, anywhere

How do I turn in my work?

- work is submitted by uploading files to the online classroom

What if I don't have a computer, Internet, or a printer at home?

- you won't need to print any work

- there will be a computer lab open after school several days a week

Will I get credit for this class?

- not this time, but you'll get a reward

- you WILL get to choose your reward as a class (online survey).

Who else is taking this class?

- students from different teachers and periods are taking this class

- you'll see everyone enrolled once you go online and enter the online classroom

What else do I need? - you need a GMAIL account; it's free

Take charge of your own learning

For more info:

See Mrs. K (Ms. Lloren) in room 34 during lunch or after school