Samuel Morse Code

carrie v

Samuel Mores info on the computo

He was born April 27,1791.Poor for most of his live.Panter for most of his live.He has 3 kids and he is maride 2 times.He had two brothers.Died April 2,1872. :(

What was he most known for?Don't ask me ask carrie v

Well he was most known for his Mores code that was used in the civil war and the single wire telegraph system that was used to make Morse code!

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He made this for his job.He wanted a faster way to send info or messages.This invention be came some thing that was used in a war!All his teachers,family, and other people said he could not but he never gave up.He went to the supreme court and sent a message a girl route and sent it to Baltimore in front of them and it was received it said ''what hath God wrought!'' this is a turning point for the telegraph!At long last,the world believed in Samuel s invention! Within 12 years ,telegraph lines crisscrossed the North America and European continents.