Tech Tips #16

Week of February 10, 2014

Click on any image shown to enlarge. All images shown are using PowerPoint 2010, but the process works in PowerPoint 2007 & 2013.

Cropping and Saving as an Image

1. Open PowerPoint

2. Paste an image or screen shot you want to crop into PowerPoint.

9. A dialog box will appear. Choose your location, filename, and type (if needed) and then click the Save button. The image that was created can be seen at the right.

NOTE: Save your image as a PNG or JPG for use in most programs.

Saving as an Image with Pictures and Text

1. Open PowerPoint.

2. Create whatever you want your graphic to look like. I have used images, shapes, and text in my example. You do not have to include all in yours.

The image that was created can be seen at right.

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