Jill Stein

Candidate of the Green Party

Jill Stein

Green party candidate, Jill Stein studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology at her graduate college Harvard. After that she attended Harvard Medical School, and once graduating again, practiced internal medicine and became a professor for over twenty years.

The Green Party

The Green party is based on principles of social justice, nonviolence, and environmentalism. The party is mostly aimed at "world peace", but is also stuck on saving our ecosystem and keeping Earth clean.

Power to the People Plan

A Green New Deal
  • Create millions of jobs
  • Transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • Sustainable agriculture

Jobs as a Right

  • Create "living-wage" jobs for every American
  • Replace unemployment offices with employment ones
  • Workplace democracy
  • Fair share of wealth

End Poverty

  • Economic human rights

Healthcare as a Right

  • Single-payer public health insurance program

Education as a Right

  • Get rid of student debt
  • Tuition-free
  • End "high-stakes-testing"

Protect Mother Earth

  • Stop drastic climate change
  • Stop destructive energy extraction
  • Protect our land and water supply

Racial Justice
  • Stop police brutality
  • Stop mass incarceration
  • Empower communities to control their police instead of the other way around
  • Demilitarize police

Freedom and Equality
  • More women's rights
  • Protect LGBT
  • Create a "welcoming path" to citizenship for immigrants
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Treat substance abuse as a health issue, not criminal issue

Peace and Human Rights

  • Foreign policy
  • End wars
  • Cut military spending
  • Global nuclear disarmament