Close Reading Skills

Pd.2 Orange Connor Barnes

Textual Evidence

Textual Evidence is very important when writing or making a point. If you make a point like, Roy will help Mullet Fingers save the owls. If you had a quote it would make it stronger and more believable. Like, "If you hurt a single one of our owls, i'm not eating anymore of your stupid pancakes!". This quote shows that Roy wants to save the owls. You see how it made your point stronger. Use Textual Evidence!

Book Club Discussions

The Book Club Discussions opened my eyes to a new way of close reading. My group and I all talked about what we found in the text to go with the paper. Everyone else's close reading helped my close reading to start looking for more things like quotes,
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To inference is when you guess or make an intelligent prediction. When you do this it gives you a good feeling if you are right and a good sense of whats going to happen. Inferences inspire creative thinking about the novel. I predicted that Roy would help save the owls and that came true I was happy. Even if your inference is wrong it doesn't mean you should be sad or mad. Make another inference, your bound to be right once.