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Happy Labor Day

September Notes:

It was wonderful seeing all the Kindergarten & First Grade classes walking around the school reviewing the school expectations. Thank you so much for working so hard on this. I am putting together a "School-wide Expectation Book" for each class with the pictures you have sent me. Pictures are due at the end of the week. I will set up times that I can come in the classroom and read the book to your students. I will have each student sign a STAR pledge to promise to follow all school expectations. Please continue to review and reteach the expectations all year.

We want to welcome our Preschoolers to WES!! I also want to thank our Preschool Staff for helping out with arrival duties and bus dismissal!! You guys have been a HUGE help!!

PLC's: Thank you, Thank you for finding time to meet in your PLC's!! Please keep me updated on your meeting times. Please keep a record of your meetings and notes of items discussed. I will try and attend as many meetings as I can. If you need me at a meeting please let me know.

The Educator Self-Reflection, the first component of the evaluation system, must be completed, within the online system by all educators on or before October 1, 2015.

Leadership team will be meeting soon - Mr. Carey will send out an email.

Brag Tag criteria will need to be turned in this week. Brag packets will be delivered soon.

September Lunch Room theme is RESPECT

September Calendar

Tuesday, September 8 First Grade SFA Lessons begin.

Friday, September 11 Patriotic Day - at 8:46am pause for a moment of silence to remember 9/11

Monday, September 14 First Grade - Practice Spelling Test

Tuesday/Wednesday September 15/16 - Miller at leadership training - see Mr. Carey/Mr. Vandyke for any concerns.

Wednesday, September 16 Fuzzy Peach Fundraiser for WES students

Thursday, September 17 Juliana - SFA Coach will be at our school

Monday, September 21 Progress Reports

Friday, September 25 9:40am United Way Walk and Cafeteria Celebrations (The Golden Spork Award)

Wednesday, September 30 PreK- K-1st. grade OPEN HOUSE 5-7pm

STAR testing for First Grade

First Grade Teachers this week is the beginning of the STAR benchmark. In the past we have always started with STAR Early Literacy with 1st. grade. I would like the 1st. grade students to attempt the STAR testing the next two weeks. I would have them use the IPADS. Those students who are unable to make it past the first several questions or you know that they will not be able to get a score - have them take the Early Literacy. Those who ARE able to take STAR should begin getting introduced to AR. These results may help with your evaluation goals. If I can help in any way, please let me know. I'll be around Tuesday to discuss this with all first grade teachers. I'm excited to see how many first graders are ready to start AR!!!
Respect Song Video - Classroom Mix Version