The Green Revolution

Beneficial for us all!!

Eat that food, get those jobs!!

Not only did the Green Revolution succeed in feeding more people around the world, but it was a great catalyst during the mid to late 20th century for economic growth. Countries such as India, which were previously starving, lowly third world countries, rose above and became some of the world's largest exporters of food; today India is one of the world's largest exporters of rice.

Mmm, Tasty Food!!

During the Green Revolution, seeds were genetically altered to grow faster, become more resistant to herbicides and pesticides, and turn out more desirable. Of course, this means that the food essentially tasted better. Without the Green Revolution, the world would not have advanced as far as it did with agriculture.

Farm and Go Abroad!!!!

The new farming techniques of the Green Revolution gained recognition from even the MDCs, who were in no immediate need of food. That's why countries like Canada, which had a shortage in agricultural labor, hired farmers from countries such as India to come work. This provided an opportunity for both the Indian farmers, who could send money back home, and the Canadians, who then had more crops grown due to the new techniques.