Medical Lab Technician

By: Julieta Carrillo

I interviewed Marisela Carrillo, she's a Medical Lab Technician and has been for 14 years.

To be a Medical Lab Technician she had to get her Associates degree to be successful. You must go to college to obtain a degree and be a Medical Lab Technician. She first got involved in this career because she wanted to be in the medical field but also didn't want to be in college for years. You can advance into higher positions in this job depending on if you have a high enough degree. She does see herself working in the same career in ten years because she says its an interesting job and she likes it alot.

Every day as a Medical Lab Technician is interesting and different because you never know what you were going to walk into that day. Medical Lab Technicians usually analyze body fluids, and study blood samples with advanced laboratory equipment. Medical Lab Technicians get 4 weeks every year of vacation but when they first start working in that career they get 2 weeks so it all just depends how many years you have been working in the career. The job outlook for this career is not very good its only expected to grow 14% from 2012 to 2022.

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