The Gateway of India

The importance of Mumbai

Mumbai is the center of the countries financial and commercial sectors. India's most important stock is loaded in Mumbai, like banks and investment companies. Mumbai Also has a diverse array of companies like machinery, electronics, automobiles and many more. Mumbai also has one of the finest harbors in the world.
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History of Mumbai

Mumbai used to be called Bombay until 1995 it was changed into Mumbai. Mumbai was named after the local Hindu Goddes Mumba. One of the first civilizations that inhabited Mumbai first were a group of fishermen called the Koli. During the American Revolution Mumbai grew into a large trading post. Mumbai also has had lots of catastrophes like the great fire of 1803 which destroyed 3/4 of the city, plagues,floods and lots of violence.
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People and culture

Mumbai is one of the most dense populated cities in the world. Mumbai also attracts lots of migrants looking for work. Mumbai has lots of rich people and lots of poor people. According to census 40% of the population live in the suburb. The main language is Marathi but they can also speak Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali and English is frequently used. Almost half of the population is Hindu. Mumbai also has the worlds largest community of Paris.
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Mumbai - A short time lapse film