What are we up to at Common Ground?

Check out our fall adventures on the farm and in the forest!

Kids Unplugged and West Rock Rangers After School Adventures!

Our first three weeks of after school program have been blessed with warm, sunny weather and lots of fun and adventure!

Each day when children arrive, they can choose from several open activity stations. They can help with fall garden tasks and find good things to eat in the children's garden (sorrel is always a favorite!). They can explore the chicken yard, dig and play in the mud kitchen or sandbox, or use lots of energy playing games on the field.

Once all the buses have arrived, we move into activity time. Each day, children can choose between a hike in West Rock Park or activity stations at the Outdoor Classroom in the woods.

West Rock hikes may take us to Judge's Cave, up the Big Rock Challenge, or along favorite trails to play games and enjoy the beautiful autumn woods.

At the Outdoor Classroom, children can move between three activity stations: fort building, the campfire, or the builder's zone.

Check out the video below to see it all in action!