Maverick Green STEM Academy

@ Consuelo Mendez Middle School

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Our Vision: Students experience learning that prepares them for high school, college and careers in the STEM fields of study.

Our Mission: Preparing a diverse community of learners to be innovative and creative problem-solvers.

Our Motto: We think outside

Maverick Green STEM Academy

The signature program at Consuelo Mendez MS launched in school year 2016-2017 with the 6th grade class, where over half of the students participated in the new coursework that focuses on problem-based learning (PBL). PBL offers students experiential learning opportunities to solve authentic problems in the Dove Springs Community and on our campus. With four program pathways, there is something for every learner's interests.

Pathway 1: STEM Advanced Learner

  • For students who are achieving at the mastery level on STAAR assessments for Science and/or Math (requires that students meet enrollment criteria)
  • Combines core academic work leading to high school credits in 8th grade for Algebra and Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC)
  • Focus on engineering and computer sciences for elective courses that earn high school credit through Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
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Engineering Students Work with Industry Professionals to Construct the Garden Entry

Two students in the Design and Modeling/Automation and Robotics course won the Dove Springs Community Garden Entryway Design Challenge.

Pathway 2: Environmental & Agricultural Sciences

  • For students who enjoy outdoor education focused on the environmental and agricultural sciences
  • Students learn how to propagate various Texas native plants in the greenhouse and work in the Dove Springs Community Garden
  • Students care for the chickens and goats (coming soon) and operate a Community Supported Agriculture business
  • This year 2017-2018, we join forces with the National Wildlife Federation to be Monarch Heroes- we are building a Monarch garden, called a way station, to support this rapidly vanishing pollinator, a species key to supporting our healthy,native garden eco-systems in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
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Robert Kibbie III Addresses the Crowd Gathered at the Earth Day Ceremony

Robert wrote a grant with his teacher, Ashley Stryker and won $2,000.00 to help us build the chicken coop, named Kibbie's Koop in his honor. Students will run and organize a CSA that will help us give eggs to families along with vegetables from the Dove Springs Community Garden. The Mayor's Office proclaimed the coop on Earth Day 2017.

Pathway 3: Engineering & Design

  • For students interested in Robotics and Engineering, this pathway focuses on students using creativity and innovative ideas to help solve problems in our community
  • Students learn programming languages such as java, html, scratch, python & Robot C
  • Students are actively engaged in problem-based learning, that is hands-on and allows for an enriching elective experience.
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Pathway 4: Careers in Technology

  • Middle School is a time of exploration for students and this pathway is the perfect fit for students who want to experience a variety of Career and Technology Education courses. Students use and stretch their imaginations in brand-new ways and connect their learning to life. All the while, students step into roles spanning the career landscape – a crucial experience during this transitional time in their lives.

  • There are two strands in the Careers in Technology pathway:

  1. Careers in Technology - students take photography, media, graphic design, video game design, and web design, along with business courses and learn positive social media skills and digital citizenship while building a digital portfolio of their work
  2. It's a Maverick Life! - focused on teen living skills and career exploration with culinary experiences in our brand new demonstration kitchen
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The Maverick Cookie Club Led by Ms. West

How to Enroll in Maverick Green STEM Academy

Students begin the academy in the 6th grade year by signing the back of the choice sheet.

It's easy to enroll, students select the pathway they want to complete over the three years of middle school.

Contact the STEM Director, Dr. Sherry Lepine, at (512) 414-3508 or for more information on the criteria for enrollment in the STEM Advanced Learner Pathway.

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