Charlie Chaplin

By Jasmine Tracy

Who was Charlie Chaplin?

Charlie Chaplin was an actor, director and writer of many silent movies, and a few movies with soundtracks, who had an extremely strange life. From clog dancing to making 2 or 3 films a week, Charlie Chaplin was a truly inspriring person.

Charlies Childhood

Charlie Chaplin was born on April sixteenth, in 1889. He had an older brother named Sydney, who had been born on March sixteenth, 1885. Charlies childhood was a hard life, as it would have been for anyone. In about 1892, when he was three-and-a-half years old, Sydney showed him a magic trick where he seemingly swallowed a coin, and made it reappear from the back of his head. Charlie then revealed his talent of imitation, by actually swallowing the coin. He had to be literally held upside down, and shaken, so he didn't choke to death. Then, when he was six, and Sydney was ten, their mother, Hannah Chaplin, was sent to an asylum for the first time. The next year, the two boys went to a workhouse, and then were transferred to the Hanwell Schools for boys. When Hannah was released from the asylum, at about age 8, Charlie went into buisness as a clog dancer with the 8 Lancaster Lads, because one of the original 8 boys quit, and it cost less to hire a new boy than print new flyers, (See him at that time in picture above.)and Sydney joined the Navy. In 1901, Charlie was fired, because Hannah complained too much.

As He Got Older

In 1903, after Hannah had gone insane again, Sydney came home from sea. He went to visit her, and she said to him, "If only you had given me a cup of tea that afternoon, I would have been alright.", he told Charlie, and they both puzzled over her statement for a long time. A month later Sydney got them both a part in Sherlock Holmes the play. Charlie stayed for 3 years, until the group wasn't popular anymore, and disbanded. He was out of work for 10 months, then went into the movie making buisness.
A Charles Chaplin Short Film

A Short Chaplin Film

In this one minute and eighteen second movie, there is first seemingly a crime, then a chase, and of course, confusion.

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