by Abraham Rosales

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HADES-God Of The Underworld

about Hades

I chose this god because i thought he was cool and that he had a dog with three heads and his helmet that can make him invisible.That he was one of the gods who destroyed Cronus with his brothers.How this god represent me is that he is quiet he rarely seen in Olympus.

information about Hades god of the underworld

the roman name for Hades is Pluto his mother is Rhea and his father is Cronus he has no children and his wife Persephone. 10 facts about Hades.

  1. Cerberus is the dog of Hades and has three heads
  2. He has two brother Poseidon and Zeus
  3. Hades sometimes leaves the underworld
  4. married to the daughter of Demeter
  5. Hades is not the god of death that an other god
  6. Hades over threw his dad Cronus
  7. He also the god of wealth
  8. Hades can't have kids
  9. He is the most feared god other gods are scared of him
  10. Hades has an invisibility cap that he used to defeat Cronus his father