Geothermal Energy

By Chloe Stoller and Lauren Dambacher

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What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy is the heat produced from magma. Heat is constantly produced here mainly from radioactive decay.


  • It's not susceptible to price fluctuation like crude oil is.
  • Cuts energy costs
  • Causes very little pollution
  • Would reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Energy supply won't be depleted


  • Costs to build energy generation plant are extremely high
  • In order to access most of the energy, the crust has to be drilled for extreme distances.
  • Can't be transported to generation sites like fossil fuels
  • Maintenance of power plants can be extremely hazardous to people and machinery due to the temperature of the water flowing through the pipes
  • Limited to the edges of tectonic plates