Grade Three Update

Thursday, 3rd December 2015

Our Unit: How We Express Ourselves

Our unit on film has almost come to a close. Students have looked at the purpose of filmmaking, ways that film convey messages, the emotional impact of film across different genres, and the operational and logistical processes involved. We have made storyboards, written scripts, analysed mood, and formed personal responses to film texts.

Next week, we will begin our next unit - How We Organise Ourselves. Students will learn about marketplaces, money, and consumer choices - the role of supply and demand and ethical economic decision making will be the focus of our inquiry. The unit will culminate in marketplaces being set up in each classroom for students to fully explore the role of consumers and producers!

To finalise the film unit and to put their learning into action, 3c went on an excursion to Kinderfilm Berlin at the FEZ. There, they learnt about the practical side of filmmaking, and had a lot of fun creating with green screens, and stop motion. It was wonderful!


In literacy, students have worked on descriptive and emotive language while examining film and film texts. While investigating the role of genre in film, students have used adjectives to describe mood and setting, and explored the ways that emotion and emotive language can impact the viewer.

These skills have been very useful for the students when it has come to the storyboarding process, as the use of descriptive language has supported the development of these film planning documents.


In mathematics, students have continued with the exploration of addition mental strategies. They have been putting their skills to the test in the Maths Championship, which concludes on Monday - when we will finally crown a Supreme Addition Champion! Students have worked very hard to beat their personal best scores and there is not a single student in the entire grade who has made a significant improvement with their mental computation.

Next, we will move on from addition to subtraction, investigating the link between these two operations and exploring strategies that will set up the scaffolding to then move further to multiplication and division.


For the past week the kids have been very busy working on their scripts! In order to make a script the children have learned about important features of films and familiarised themselves with the the process of script writing. All classes have brainstormed ideas suitable for film making and came up with stories that carry powerful meanings which the students regard as important to communicate to viewers. We have also introduced the children to direct speech and they are practicing their skills as they are an important feature of their scripts.

The first step has been made! The children all have come up with very creative drafts and are currently working on developing the single scenes for their scripts. The final draft will be written into the children's own script book.

Swimming Certificates

We would like you to inform you that students will have the first opportunity to do the required tests for the different Swimming Certificates - Seahorse, Bronze, and Silver. The tests will take place during the swimming lessons the two last Mondays before the Christmas Holidays: December 7th and 14th, 2015. They will have others scheduled dates for the tests before the end of the first semester as well.

If your son/daughter has already the “Deutsche Jungendschwimmpass”- see the image- he/she should bring it to school and give it to the class teacher or to Rama Hübner, the swimming teacher. Students who have achieved the bronze certificate should be in possession of this document.

A Note from Ivana about Ice Skating

Dear Parents,

As part of a varied and enriching curriculum, we would like to take advantage of both the winter weather and our highly skilled PE department. On the 5th of January, 2016, we will take Grade 3 to the Wedding Ice Skating rink. If you would like to help us out, then just send an email to me (, informing that you will be attending.

The ice skating will be for all levels of skaters, so if your son/daughter is a novice skater, we will ensure they will be helped to feel comfortable and have fun. It is extremely important that you sign the permission slip and write your son's/daughter's shoe size if we need to rent skates for them.

Kind Regards,

Ivana Grujicic

PE Teacher

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