Sassy September!

Stella & Dot - Team Villarreal / September 2013

The Turning Point

September is one of the most exciting months in our Stella & Dot business. The momentum you gain with trunk shows, sponsoring and sales this month will dictate your growth in the rest of the Fall/Winter Season! The last part of the year is the highest selling season too! What will you do with all that cash on your little blue card? Dream big!

Stack Up Your Rewards

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Stack Up Your Success!

For every $1000 dlls you sell, you get $100 in free product unlimited all through September.

Reach $5000 and get $500 + $100 Stellar Seller = $600 in free product!

Reach $10,000 and get $1000 + $200 Stellar Seller = $1,200 in free product!

When you Sponsor in September and that stylist hosts 2 shows (4 orders & $500 dlls each) earn you get free product! That is a lot of free product!

September Sponsoring

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Why September?

- Just in time for Holiday Launch

- Stack Up Rewards in addition to Jumpstart Program = LOTS of free product!

- Biggest selling season of the year!

- Lots of expenses, great way to earn extra cash for them!

- Fun, easy, flexible, lucrative

Hostess Boutique

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Booking Candy!

All these Rock the Summer pieces are finally here! And we can share them as we book our way to a fantastic Fall! Show these exclusive pieces at your trunk shows and your calendar will get filled quickly! Its hard to resist these amazing "hostess only" pieces!


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Bring your prospective stylists! Free Wanderlust Triple Wrap in Green!

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Houston (Cynthia, Daphne, Emily, Esther, Flor, Guadalupe, Lourdes, Luchi, Monica, Pamela, Yvette)

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Dallas (Marisol)

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South Texas/Valley (Sandra, Esmeralda, Diana, Christel, Marta, Valerie, Luisa, Frances, Sonia)

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Massachusetts (Chantelle)

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Colorado (Melissa F)

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California (Kara, Marcela)

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Ohio (Julia)

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Washington (Jennifer)

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New York (Barbara)

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Arizona (Niki)

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Career Level Promotion Programs

Star is the sweet spot of the company, work part time and earn a full time commission! Interested? Join this fantastic program filled with challenges, incentives and rewards! You have nothing to lose!

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Kudos! Awesome August!

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August Sales

Marisol Paez - $4,818 dlls

Sandra Mercado - $3,901 dlls

Esmeralda Wong - $521 dlls

Luchi Macias - $511 dlls

Melissa Fisher - $506 dlls

August Sponsoring

Welcome Julia Gonzalez, Marisol is an amazing sponsor!

Love you team! Let's have a Sassy September! XO, Melissa