French Guiana

By: Alora Kutzler

What are French Guiana's unique traditions?

Victory Day on May 8th along with France it marks the end of WW two. Abolition of Slavery Day on June 10th is celebrated with families and they head up to parks where food is served and there's fun celebrations all day.
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What are some major land forms? and how do they affect the people and living conditions?

There are swampy lowlands, low hills , plateaus, and don't forget rain forests. This affects the people and the community because with heavy rain and lots of tropical climate theirs flooding, mudslides and many different natural disasters that can occur.
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what natural resources can be found in this country? How are they used?

some resources are bauxite, timber, gold, petroleum ,and fish. these resources are used in cooking . They are also used for export and it helps the economy. These are just some of the many resources that French Guiana has and uses.
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Where there any wars or arguments with any other country? If so did it effect French Guiana?

The Napoleonic Wars (1796-1815) the British and Portuguese forces seized French Guiana in this war. They ruled it for several years before returning it back to France. Many where killed in this war. Women, children, and men forced to work. there where many sickness es caught threw this war.
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