The leprechaun trap

The special oucasion

How can I catch a leprechaun?

If I make this awsome trap will it catch a leprechaun with a pulley


I think it wouldn't catch a leprechaun with my pulley because leprechaun arn't not real


testing my hypothisis

what I did was I used a pulley and tried it without a wheel and axel but it would not go down properly then I tried it with a wheel and axel and it worked


I was able to use my pulley that I wanted to use but did not catch a leprechaun


1 I found a box that I liked

2 I opened the flaps

3 I poked the hole in the top

4 I made a wheel in axel by using a thread holder and putting floss around it

5 put my gold taped to the bottom and put floss on the bottom

6 then I made a trap by cutting the bottom of the cup off

7 then I painted all the walls

8 then I used pipe cleaners to tie the wheel and axel to the top