what do you send online?

What is cyberbullying?

cyber-bullying is bullying and harming other people through the use of technology.

This bullying can get worse than you think when people that you don't know or even your friends send you or other people rude, intimidating or scary pics and messages.

These can be aimed at you or other people and things you like. examples are, what your pet looks like or what you did in an online game.

Even you could be cyber-bullying and not meaning it, so be careful what you post online.

Results of cyberbullying

There are lots of different results of cyberbullying, some of them are - losing friends, Finding enemies, or even suicide.

this can affect everybody.

How do you treat others online? They can see what you say.

Do you post unnecessary things? Think about what others can see.

Help stop cyberbullying

Cyber Bullying : Create No Hate

keep your personal stuff to yourself, what will others think?

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if you're being bullied...

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If you're being cyberbullied, remember to tell a trusted adult, sibling or friend, don't hide it and pretend it's OK.

by Haydn Buss