The Army Wants YOU

The Roman Army, that is


What is expected to bring upon joining:

- personal items

- anything that is not issued by the military

What is expected to be carried on a march:

- all personal items

- stakes for camp

- a bronze mess tin

- a cooking pot

- rations for 3-20 days

- a saw

- a basket

- a pickax

- a sickle

- a leather strap and chain

a shovel

Additionally, you are expected to serve the length of a campaign season (non-farming months) at the least, but many serve over 20 years.

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Facts and Figures

Size of a Roman legion:

- a legion consisted of around 9 regular cohorts and the first cohort

- thus a legion consisted of around 5,300 men

Expected salary:

- for legionaries: 300 denarii

- for the Praetorian Guard: 1,000 denarii

- for centurions: 5,000-20,000 denarii

- soldiers could also make money from goods captured in war

- soldiers could earn a bonus

- soldiers could also be gifted land upon retirement