Coach Hightower's Class

World History and Government

Remind Codes

1st Period WH:@7a8015

2nd Period WH:@7a80152

3rd Period Am. Gov.: @7a801523

5th Period Am. Gov.: @be9fg

6th Period WH: @7a80152393

World History

We will be studying Ancient Greece and Rome. The vocabulary quiz for this unit is set for 9/2.


We will be studying the inter working of the Georgia Government. The test over unit II is tentatively set for 9/7.

Classroom rules

1. Be in class on time.

2. Be prepared for class (paper, notebook, pen or pencil).

3. Stay in your seat until class is dismissed

4. Students are to abide by all rules listed in the student handbook.

5. Be respectful of others at all times.

6. Keep the classroom clean.

7. Do NOT sleep or work on other assignments during class.

8. No earbuds in class.

9. Adhere to the BYLD policy.

Coach Hightower

I am a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a degree in History education. This is my third year here at Woodstock High School. I coach the JV basketball team and have an extreme love for history.

Most of my enjoyment comes from the light bulb clicking on when a student makes a connection to the real world in my classroom. It is an amazing experience to see and it is my goal for each one of my students to have a moment like it while in my class.