Panther School

Norfolk Junior High

By Jacob Miller

Nursery Rhyme News Story

Humpty Dumpy Falls, Breaks His Egg and Spills His Yolk

BY:Jacob Miller

The egg, Humpty Dumpty, fell off a 20 foot brick wall and cracked and spilled his yolk. He was sitting on a wall and had a great fall. It was about noon when it happened. It happend on a brick. It happend because he was clumsy. How it happened was when he slipped and fell.


Homework Should Be Eliminated

BY:jacob Miller

Homework should be eliminated because we put the time in during school and shouldn't have to put time in at home. It takes away time that you could have with your family and from your life. Why do we need homework if we put 7 hours of work in school? We have school 5 days a week and every day we have homework. Homework is also boring because all you do is look at the question, read it, and put the answer. Those are 5 reasons why we should not have homework.


The Italian Job

By: Jacob Miller

The Italian Job is about a bank robbery movie where they steal 203 million dollar of gold.They get gold and one of their people steal it from them and kills one of their people.They try to steal it back from them but they need a plan. They buy a car and make them better. then they set explosives on the road so the truck falls in the hole. Then they crack the safe and steal the gold.And lose the cops and put their cars in trains with the gold.

Featured story

There are 150 calories per serving,the amount of sodium is 25mg, and the total carbonates are 36g. There are halloween sour patch kids that look like zombies.There are sour patch kids that are shaped like bunnies to celebrate Easter. There were sour patch kids for Christmas but they have been discontinued. Some sour patch kids are berry flavored. There are fruit flavored sour patch kids that look like fruit instead of kids.There is even a sour x-extrem which is the same shape, but dusted in sour coating. These are the same flavor but they burst with a flavor that is gooey inside. There are 25 grams of sugar in each one. Once the coating of sugar is dissolved by saliva it goes to sweet. There are sour patch kid chillerz.

40 Years

Jacob looks like he has brown hair, and he is 6’1”. He attended Norfolk Junior High.The sport he played in high school was football.The college he attended is U.N.L. His major was engineering. Jacob’s first job was a car mechanic. He lives in Nebraska. He is a car mechanic. His hobbies are fixing things. His future career is to get his own business.

scary story

Billy Goes In The Woods

By Jesse and Jacob

A guy named Billy was walking down the street one Halloween night.

He found that there was no one in town except for him. Billy found some woods, he kept walking in the woods until he found a cabin. He approached the cabin when suddenly the door opened by itself! He approached once more and the door slammed shut, suddenly he saw a dark shadow pass by the corner of his eyes. He turned and was about to run when he saw a little girl wearing a white dress with a broken doll. He turned and ran the other way, he ran till he left the woods. He found a parking lot with one car in it with its alarm going off, he sprinted towards it. Billy opened the door and found a golden necklace he took it and kept walking towards a police station. The police station was full of blood on the floor and walls. Billy went towards the cells and found an old man eating a police man in the corner of a cell.

“Who Are You?” said Billy as he stepped back away from the old guy.

“The Necklace”, said the old man.

“What is the necklace for?”, said Billy.

“Just give it Now!” the old man said.

Billy turned and ran but the doors slammed. The old man escaped the jail cell and started towards Billy.

The old man said “You Will Die!”

Billy suddenly woke up from a dream. He turned to look at the clock but there was a possesed doll that said “Hi, My Name Is Chucky, Wanna Play?” he had a knife in his hand and stabbed billy in the face.