by ashley bynum

Have you ever heard of a disease called Ebola? Its a very scary disease that started in Africa. Some people think it is the worst disease in the world.
Do you think Ebola is mainly an animal or human disease? well guess what it is mainly an animal disease. Its natural reservoir is probably fruit bats which can live with the virus without getting ill. But gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans all die rapidly after getting infected. We have lots of mosquitoes and plenty of diseases and plenty of diseases spread by them but Ebola is not one of them.
A few common symptoms of Ebola are chills, sore throat, and severe headache. sadly there is no cure for Ebola that can kill the virus. Time is the only cure. Scientist are trying to create a new vaccine. This will not be a cure just prevent hemorrhagic fever from developing.
do you know who is most at risk to get Ebola? Well the risk increases if you travel to Africa, conduct animal research, prepare people for burial provide medical or personal care. Did you know the bodie of people who have died from Ebola are still contagious.
There have been 2 nurses that were infected with Ebola in America. They were quarantined and given good care so they survived. If a vaccine or cure for Ebola is not found soon, it could become the deadliest disease In the world.