How to Create and Use Graphs

All graphs are super easy to make and read.

However, these graphs below are pretty complicated.

But don't fret. We are going to go over the basics of graphing and not worry about those more complicated graphs until later on.

The Bar Graph

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The bar graph is used to show when one measurement is used for a few trials. The idea is to compare data among a period time, amount, distance, etc.

In the sample chart above, the title is large at the top. The X-axis is the axis where the independent variable would be put, whereas the dependent variable would be placed on the Y-axis.

The Line Graph

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This type of graph is used when more than one trial was executed. This way, more than one trial can be placed to compare the trend. However, if there is only one trial it can represent the data that was observed.

The way to read this graph is the same as reading the bar graph. The dependent variable rests on the x-axis while the independent variable rests on the y-axis.

The Pie Chart

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The pie chart uses a series of different colors (or shades) to represent an amount of data from one source. This chart separates the different results and compares it to the whole.

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