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Creativity and the iPad - Where to start?

Ask yourself, how do students demonstrate learning in my class? Then ask yourself, what tools are available to make that happen? Digital tools provide the opportunity to combine writing, speaking, music, video, illustrations and more. They streamline workflow and provide better accessibility options than ever before. Students can demonstrate their understanding of the material while incorporating information literacy, creative credit and copyright, and digital literacy. This is happening in our building every day. Visit a classroom. Talk to another teacher. Find a Cohort member. Meet with your Digital Learning Coach. Ask questions. Try something. Have a student or a TA try something for you. Visit our Apps We Love page for ideas. Use our Digital Tools Checklist as you plan. Explore the opportunities and the possibilities! (Don't have access to your Staff Google Drive? Find the Digital Tools Checklist here.)

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Welcoming Something New to Your Classroom

New tools mean new things to manage in the classroom. iPads fit into that slot. iPads in the classroom are new to the majority of our community. Fitting them into the puzzle that is each of our unique classroom environments takes some time and effort, for student and teacher. Come to our workshop and let’s work on embedding the iPad into your classroom expectations. We can walk through how technology infractions fit into our Discipline Matrix when additional steps are needed. Want some additional resources in the meantime? Visit our Digital Classroom Management Resources in our Staff Google Drive folder. Read the Classroom Management tips your Cohort has been collecting for you. Don't have access to your Staff Google Drive? Then download our Classroom Management Infographic and Classroom Management Tips here!

December 5, 2016