Sammy Davis Jr

by: Taylor Hartenhoff

The man himself

Sammy Davis Jr was born on December 8 1925 in new York city. Sammy first stepped foot on stage at age three and from then on many people thought of him as the most talented entertainer because he was one of the very few entertainers who could sing, dance, act, and was also a comedian. Let alone the fact that he an inspiration to all the African Americans during the segregation times.

What He Did

Around age 15 he regularly performed with his father in the Will Mastin Trio. After that during world war two he served as an entertainer. once world war two was over Sammy Davis Jr went home to return to his show business career. since then he became a soloist and recorded two albums that were so successful he became a headline not only in New York but also in Las Vegas as well. He said that he would never play in a place of segregation but he was in such high demand people wanted him to preform places with segregation therefore he in fact changed changed they way some people did business. Sammy Davis performs in Mr. wonderful, golden boy and on top of all that he topped the records with the hit song the candy-man.

hes an inspiration

Sammy Davis Jr was an all around inspiration he was a person many people looked up to he marched in all the big marches in WashingtoJ and was there with Martin Luther king jr. Because of what he did he changed the way some people looked at segregation. and he was a hit musician with many other talents he's a star even to this day we look at him as a musician with a message