Spring Lab Site Visits

Sign up is open from 3/14 -3/24

What are lab sites?

Lab sites are classrooms identified across the district K-8, which exemplify the Workshop Model. The teachers in these classrooms are well versed in workshop and have had experience implementing its framework. They are voluntarily opening their classrooms to colleagues as part of our team to support the Writer's Workshop initiative district wide.

Why visit?

It is often said that teachers learn best from one another. Visits are meant to help support colleagues throughout the implementation process. Visits will focus on minilessons, conferring, small group instruction, and management.

They are designed to promote discussion between colleagues while exploring the framework.

How do I sign up?

Complete the Pre-Visit Form. At the end of the scheduling period, supervisors will contact you with your assigned visitation time. In the meantime, review the Lab Site Etiquette to prepare for your visit.


Please contact Angela Mero, Natalie Franzi, or Cindy VanGlahn for more information.

Visits will take place in April! Sign up now to reserve your spot!