Go EXTREME or Go Home!

Earth rituals too mundane? Try extreme Para-Snowboarding!

Dione, 790,100,000 miles from Earth, is home of one of the most extreme and dangerous sports ever imagined!

For all those willing to put their neck on the line, Dione should be considered home! With sheer ice cliffs frozen in the -303 degree weather, most sane people would never dare step foot upon this Saturnian moon.

BUT SHOULD YOU? Imagine diving from an icecap hundreds of thousands of feet above a stone ground, shredding down the steepest cliff when sudden it drops away. You being falling to a cryonic grave when you pull your ripcord, deploying your wing-suit that will allow you to glide from one glacier to the next.

SonySoft and MonsterBull Powered Extreme Para-Snowboarding Tournament

Sunday, Sep. 13th 2133 at 8am

Dioneian Central Port, Dione, Saturn


This event is not for the elderly, pregnant and persons under the age of 21. SonySoft and/or MonsterBull do not take responsibilities for any injuries and/or death. Dione's atmosphere is very thin, with barely any oxygen. Those with issues using a breath mask should refrain from visiting Dione.

It is suggested to arrive to Dione five(5) Earthen days before the event. Due to Dione's days lasting 2.7 times longer than an Earthen day, many will experience extreme schuttle lag. To adjust, specialists suggest leaving your Cryogenic Chamber every month.

Plans for the Competition

8:00- Opening Ceremony begins.

9:00- Round One begins.

10:00- Round Two begins.

11:00- Round Three begins.

12:00- Round Four begins.

13:00- Break: Half Time show, Lunch, Semi-Finals Ceremony

17:00- Semi-Finals begin.

18:00- Finals begin.

19:00- Victory Ceremony.

20:00- After Party. Entertainment provided by SonySoft.

25-33:00- Intermission for sleep.

35:00- Free Style Competiotion.

40:00- Awards Ceremony for Free Style

41:00- Ending Ceremony.

46-56:00- Ending and Departure party.

Brought to you by SonySoft and MonsterBull.

Two of the largest company mergers in history are sponsoring this colossal even. Microsoft and Sony, Monster and Redbull all come together to supply you with diabolical perfection.