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In the following pages the characters receive their feeds back, however, before this happens they begin to adapt to not having their feed and learn to function without it. They keep themselves preoccupied and learn how to converse between one another verbally. Once they get their feeds back, they are sent back home, and everything begins to turn to normal, or so it seems. Titus beings to wonder after Violet asks him if everything will go back to normal, he questions why everything seems like nothing ever even occurred.

Feminism lens (Violet)

Throughout the book Violet is the only character that truly stands out. She is intelligent and shows signs of superiority over the others, although it isn't overpowering, the idea that she is much smarter than the others, they're just too dumb to see. For example, Violet can write, as well as write other languages:

  • "I looked at her funny. 'You write?'" (Anderson 65).
  • "I looked at her pen. 'You write all the time,' i said, completely in awe" (Anderson 65).
  • "'I've done it since i was little'" (Anderson 66).

Not only does Violet write, but even her use of vocabulary is different from the others. Violet does not swear, and she uses higher level vocabulary.

In addition, Violet shows resistance towards the feed, and when asked why she does this, she replies:

  • "'I'm pretentious'" (Anderson 66).

This is an example of her superiority over the others failure to resist the feed, as well as her use of vocabulary.

Not only does Violet stand out from the other teens, she also shows more intelligence than one of the doctors, who is a male:

  • "'Okay. Could we like get a thingie'" (Anderson 69).
This shows contrast between Violet, a female, and a doctor, a male, and who is supposed to show superiority in education.

Violet is the only female that shows these traits, but the fact she is a female stands out. Violet is the only character that is able to think independently from the feed, out her own curiosity without the feed conflicting with her thoughts:

  • "'Do you think things are going to be different?'...'We've all been through this big thing together'... 'It's got to change us somehow'" (Anderson 80).
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Cultural Lens

Feed shows massive cultural disconnect, as well as the shift in societal norms, however, there is one theme that reigns supreme in every cultural, as well the one presented in Feed. The universal theme of affection/ love.

Titus and Violet demonstrate the connection without technology, and is felt between all of the interference of the feed itself:

  • "She held my hand - we found each other's hands through the like, the waterfall" (Anderson 71).
  • "Hand in hand, we danced" (Anderson 72).
This relationship shows that there is some cultural aspects that still remain from our "modern" time, love being the most powerful and universal of them all.

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Discussion Questions

Do you believe that because Violet still has a grasp of past nature, such as writing and vocational skills, that this gives her an advantage when resisting the feed?

If not, what other aspect may be allowing her to think so independently from the feed?