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Express Modular is focused on selling homes. We have thousands of prospective home buyers on our websites each day. Our expertise lies in helping our prospective customers design their home, obtain financing, and then delivering that home, using modular construction, to their building site.

We need Partners that can obtain required building permits, prepare the site, and complete the onsite portion of the modules after we deliver and set them on the foundation.

Why Modular Construction?

Let's face it. We have just gone through the worst downturn in housing in history. Many of the best trades people and staff have left this industry, either to take jobs elsewhere or just retired. As the housing market rebounds we need to build more efficiently. However, we can't sacrifice the quality of the home we deliver. Modular Construction allows us to do just that. A home can be completed, start to finish, in as little as 8 - 10 weeks.

Modular Construction Provides

  • Better Schedule Management
  • Remove Weather Issues from Construction
  • Factory Level of Quality Control
  • Faster Construction
  • Practically No Limits on Construction Design
  • Build a Home as Big or Small as Needed

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