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Highland Elementary


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  • Girls Basketball
  • Football
  • Boys Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Softball ( At the middle school)
  • Baseball (At the middle school)
  • Volleyball ( At middle school)
  • Flag football
  • Peewee Basketball
  • Peewee Cheerleading

All the school sports at Highland Elementary include 3rd grade holdback 4th through 6th graders.

All the sports that are at the middle school include 5th and 6th graders, but baseball at the middle school only includes 6th graders that are 13 or 6th grade holdbacks.



  • FPS
  • CMPS
  • Girls Who Code
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boys Scouts
  • Band
  • 4-H
  • Unite
  • Academics
  • Gifted and Talented
All clubs are 4th through 6th grade. In gifted and talented you have to take a test in 4th grade to be a part of the club.

Girls Who Code

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Academic Team

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Community Problem Solving World Champions 2017-2018

Foster Friends Highland Elementary Paintsville KY Johnson County CMPS FPSPI International Champions