Enironmental Sustainability

By Chris Moon


Environmental sustainability means use of the environment in a safe and sustainable way. Before the environment is exploited the use must exceed regeneration. And the pollution rate must not exceed sustainable waste disposal. And for the use of non-renewable resources when one resource is heavily used then society must find a substitute to counteract the heavy use. For biodiversity sustaining the biodiversity in an environment would mean to preserve the biodiversity in an environment which connects to resource use as a species might rely on that resource for food and without they will die out. The energy and climate must be controlled to prevent major climate changes if not it can affect biodiversity as animals die out because they cannot evolve enough to survive. But all these topics have one defining similarity, they all rely upon moderation all the factors of sustainability require moderation. And the image used was from this site http://www.blogs.jbs.cam.ac.uk/socialinnovation/2015/04/01/one-two-free-how-natural-capital-accounting-can-help-drive-environmental/.


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