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May 2016 Newsletter

Summer Came Early!

OMG!!!! Are you LOVING all of the new Summer items and the fact that the Nest received them early and went ahead and moved the launch up for us!!!!!! AMAZING!!! I truly think these are some of our best charms yet! I know I love everything about the Summer theme and how about those new MLB items!!! Check out your email from the Nest with all the scoup, your social media images, summer gift certificates and more!!!!

It seems like Origami Owl keeps getting better and better and our launches have been seamless! We have amazing Regional Sales Managers now that have great training content on their Facebook pages, and we are seeing more promotions every month!!! And the best is yet to come!!! I don’t know what it is - but the Nest keeps saying something will be revealed at convention that is a complete game changer!!! It is not Disney either my friends :) Brett told me to go ahead and let you all know that we will not be having a partnership with Disney as everyone is speculating but that it is something huge :) If you can get to convention it is a huge line up this year of professional speakers, an opening party at Epcot just for us, and more! Visit to see all about convention and get your tickets!!! On our team Facebook page, we have a feed as well for those in need of roommates!!!

Big things are happening at O2 and I am so happy you are along for the ride!

Big Hugs,

Michelle Freatman

Senior Director & Team All Hearts Mentor

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Sharing from the Blog Lucky and Lovely

This blog post ha great ideas not only if you are struggling with your business, but also in general if you are looking to reconnect or ramp things up.

Today I am tackling one of those topics that everyone goes through and no one likes to talk about: giving up on your business. We’ve all been there before. You have had a string of parties with $0 sales, your team has tanked, your hostesses won’t return your phone calls and you can’t seem to book a party to save your life. You post on facebook daily yet no one is biting. You feel like you have hit a wall. It feels like an expensive burden and that little voice keeps creeping in and whispering to you to “just quit already“. Ladies, these feelings are totally understandable. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I think this way all the time. Our business, just like any other business, ebbs and flows. The most important thing is to stay focused on your goals and do not let the slow times get the best of you. The world does not benefit from you playing small and giving up on yourself. We need you to get out there and share your gifts and awesome products/services with us. From my years of coaching, I have been through this many times with my team and personally. I invite you to try all 10 of these and share with me how your business is changing and thriving. I want to dream big with you and share your joy!


1. Reconnect with your why

Remember why you signed up for your business in the first place. Was it the fabulous product that you fell head over heels in love with? Was it the idea of earning a extra money on the side or the friendships with women in the business. Remember WHY you started and how excited you felt. What are you going to do with your earnings from your business? Will you donate it to charity or renovate your kitchen. Whatever your WHY is, reconnect with it. Whip out a piece of paper and write down 5 reasons you joined your company and ask yourself, if you still feel the same. What has changed? What hasn’t? Excited again? Good! Time to dive back in.

2. Hit the reset button

First things first, make a decision to commit. Change your mindset and rededicate yourself to your business. Some of us in direct sales/social selling are running around with an expensive hobby. We know it, our husbands & partners know it and our friends know it. We just haven’t admitted it to ourselves. Do you want to have a business or a hobby? Put little post-it notes everywhere to remind yourself – you are in business. A business makes you money, a hobby costs you money. I can’t decide for you. You have to decide for yourself. Once you decide you want a business, now you can act like a business woman. A business woman is professional, prompt, courteous and knows her craft. She is dedicated to her company, her clients and her self-development. She knows that she is offering a product or service of value and she represents herself like the rockstar that she is. She has confidence and shares with enthusiasm and passion. That woman is you. She has been inside all along. You just need the confidence to go out and get what you want.

Pretend you are a brand new consultant

No seriously, pretend you just signed up. Today is the first day you hit “submit” on that business kit button. Forget everything you thought, you knew and look at your business with fresh eyes. What’s the first thing you do? Log in your account and take a look around. Find the training and dive in. Reach out to your sponsor and schedule 4 weekly coaching calls. Write down your goals & share them with anyone who will listen. Follow your company’s business training. I mean, like do everything it tells you to do. Don’t overthink it, just do it. Order business cards (if you don’t have them) order labels and create your office space (even if its a corner of your bedroom or a kitchen table) so you can go to work. Don’t let fear or obstacles from the past get in your way. Leave that stuff in the past. Today is a new day.

3.Pretend you just moved to a new city

Same principle here as the previous tip. Forget everyone you know in your area and pretend you don’t have a single friend, business contact or family member in your area. What do you do now? Pound the pavement and start talking to everyone. Leave business cards and ask for referrals. Plant seeds about your business or simply share how much you love what you do. Talking to strangers doesn’t have to be creepy or salesy. Learn how to make friends (How to Win Friends & Influence People

is my favorite book for this!) I want you talk to strangers so you can get in the habit of sharing your story. Yes, you have a story, everyone does. Believe it or not, people want to hear your story. When you are in social selling, facts tell-stories sell. Practice your 30 second commercial. Research where you can network or set up a pop up shop for your business. Explore your city-you never know what fun surprises you will find out and about.

4.Seek out a rockstar in your company and emulate what they do

Who in your company is crushing it? If you don’t know, search out the leader board for your company and find out. Chances are, you have seen someone or several gals in your company newsletter or facebook pages that you know are at the top. Check her out and analyze her business style. What is she doing differently? Is there something she is doing that you can duplicate? Is it the style of her social media posts or her confidence in speaking? Is she creating videos? Is she rocking her Instagram or twitter? Part of what I love about social selling is that it levels the playing field for business. We all have the same product, tools and resources. What you chose to do with them is about you and that defines your results. Ask yourself, how can you be different? How can you stand out from the crowd?

5.Host your own event

This one is tried and true. Host your own party and relaunch. Girl, get back in the game! I get push-back for this one all the time from consultants. If you are in the party-plan business, why would anyone want to book a party with you when you don’t want to have a party yourself? What kind of message does that send out about your business? You should host your own event at least once per quarter. Send out an invite to your past customers and your new contacts that you just met. Make it an open house with 2 time slots or over 2 days–get creative. Have a drawing, a raffle, throw confetti, sip bubbly– you get the point. Make it festive and fun. Small business Saturday is November 28th and that is a perfect reason to celebrate. Head over to American Express and grab some badges and marketing materials for your event. You have plenty of time. Don’t think. Just do.

6.Get out of the house.

When you see people in person, results happen There is something about owning your own business that makes you feel good. We as humans long for that “feel good” sensation. Hitting a wall in your business is the fastest way to feel bad and nobody wants that. My top tip? Get fresh leads when feel really low. Get out of the house. Pound the pavement and meet some new fresh people. Join meet up, grab a Groupon or a Living Social deal and join a new yoga class, take a cooking class or art class. Find a networking event or visit your local chamber of commerce website to join. Meet some new and exciting people. That will make you feel better give you the momentum to keep going.

7.Find your tribe with other ladies in your business

Connect, connect, connect. Are you starting to see a running theme here? Social selling is all about people. You have a people business. Just because you are in business for yourself, doesn’t mean you are in business by yourself. Get connected with your community. I know with our company we have a community facebook page and I have a team page for my team where we connect with each other and share ideas to help us. Get to your local team meet-up and get live and in person with your sponsor and others in the biz. Get the training and encouragement you need to relaunch. It is so refreshing sometimes to just let your hair down and vent with others who know what you are talking about. Your tribe is there for you so don’t overlook this valuable resource.

8.Find an accountability partner

Once you are plugged in to your consultant community, put yourself out there and find an accountability partner. An AC is like your business bestie that is there for you to push you and remind you of your goals. No one can do the work for you but the accountability relationship can be a true game changer. Create a little ad and post it on your community page of who you are looking for in a partner. You should have similar goals and schedule so you can communicate with each other constantly. It’s a little like having a room mate and moving in together. She should always be there, to listen, bounce around ideas and to cheer you up. I have had many biz besties (still do!) and I can’t tell you how many times I literally wanted to throw in the towel, had it not been for my AC’s encouragement and never ending support. As a result, I have learned valuable tips and created lifetime friendships.

9.Take Action

You know the tasks you need to do to move the needle forward on your business. Rip the band-aid of fear off and just. do. it. The antidote for FEAR is ACTION! Pick up the phone and do a booking blitz, set up at a vendor event or reach out to your team members to encourage them. Activity feels good. You probably also know why you aren’t doing what you need to do. It’s not that you don’t have time or are “soooo busy”. We are all busy, right? Busy is a choice. Small consistent action over time creates results. Where you put your energy…it grows. Know that you are in service to make others happy and enhance their lives with what you have to offer. What are the things you need to do take action on your business? Make a list and set a goal to tackle 3 tasks per day to make it thrive. Anyone can do 3 things a day (even you!) What’s stopping you? What is holding you back from crushing your business and living your best life?

*This post contains affiliate links, so if you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission. I love sharing the things that I adore and I appreciate your support of this blog by shopping with our sponsors.

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