Leonardo da Vinci

Emily Evans

When & where was da Vinci born?

  • April 15, 1452
  • Vinci, Italy

Where did da Vinci spend most of his life?

  • In Florence, Italy

Da Vinci's education/training

  • He assisted in Verrocchio's workshop
  • Verrocchio was the leading artist of Florence

da Vinci's lifestyle

  • He was an engineer, sculptor, & artist
  • His nationality is florentine
  • About 1478 Leonardo set up his own studio

What type of art did da Vinci create?

  • He created paintings
  • The MonaLisa
  • The Last Supper

Who were da Vinci's patrons?

  • The pope Julias II

Which two "isms" does da Vinci portray?

  1. Humanism: he changed the vision of future painters
  2. Skepticism: da Vinci made his paintings different from other artists

Big image

What is the name of this piece?

The Mona Lisa

When was it created?


Where is this piece located?

In the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France

Describe the piece

This piece is a portrait of a woman. She has no eyebrows and she is nicely dressed. She has dark hair and the colors are very warm.

Why do I find this piece so interesting?

I find this piece so interesting because of all the fame it has. When I look at it closely I can see all the details and the cracks in the painting. I like how real the Mona Lisa looks and especially the details in the background and in her clothes.

What was so significant about this piece?

  • It shows individualism & imagination
  • It's based from the real world
  • It's a classical topic (portrait)
  • The colors are rich, warm, and glowing

Which "ism" is most likely linked to this piece?

Humanism is most likely linked to the Mona Lisa because she looks proud to be who she is.


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Creator : Leonardo da Vinci
Title : Mona Lisa
Date : 1503-1506
Repository : Musée du Louvre
Repository : Inv. 779
ARTstor : LESSING_ART_1039490423
URL : http://library.artstor.org/library/secure/ViewImages?id=%2FThWdC8hIywtPygxFTx5TnQkVn0tfA%3D%3D