Therapeutic horseback riding

My Career choice: Alora W

What do people do that have this career?

Someone that has this as their career help disabled people by putting them on a horse. Since horses are able to sense your emotions they can understand what you have been through a little bit better than other people. Some people say that putting disabled people on the horse has many risks, they’re right but the benefits greatly outweigh these risks. and people that take on this career take every precaution, like matching the riders level to the horses experience. If someone just starting therapeutic riding they might be paired with a horse that has had much experience with having disabled riders on their back.

What branch of science most of this career falls under? Why?

This career falls under the Branch of Life, because at all times you are working with living things.

Education needed to obtain this career

For this career you will need to take classes in Physical Therapy, in collage, so you will be able to better understand the needs of disabled people.

Experience/Skills needed

You will need a strong foundation in horsemanship skills and a working knowledge of individuals with disabilities.

Why I chose this career

I choose this career because I love horses, but I also want to help people that have disabilities. Helping others is one of the things that I do best and so is working with horses. People that think this is crazy, think again ‘cause what happens if you end up having a disability, what are you going to do? Go running? I don’t think so, you’ll go to a therapeutic riding stable for help. Therapeutic riding helps build hand-eye coordination confidence, and independence.