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March 30 - Student and Parent Edition

A Word From the Principal


Prom: April 18 is canceled for now. If we can reschedule before the end of the school year we will. If we do, yes we will still allow Juniors and Seniors to purchase a ticket.

Graduation Cap & Gowns: We are optimistic we will be back in the building in time for graduation. If anything changes, we will let you know. If you haven't ordered your cap and gown, you may still do so at If you ordered one and they delivered it to the school, we will keep it for you until we are allowed back in the building.

Yearbooks: Can still be ordered online at

ADAP and Certificates of Attendance: Unfortunately we cannot complete these until we return to the building. There is not way to notarized them electronically at this time.

Transcript Requests: If you apply for college in the state of Georgia, go through your GAFutures account and it will allow your college to get your transcript electronically. If you are going out of state, you can email our registrar and she can send it for you. Email her at

Breakfast and Lunch During Closure: Any student ages 0-18 can pick up a breakfast and a lunch each Monday-Friday from 11:00-Noon at NHS. You must be present in the car or walking up to get the lunch. You do not have to qualify for free or reduced lunch and you do not have to show ID or your lunch number. NOTE: We cannot serve during spring break. However, we will continue to provide this service free of charge during our school closure.

Senior Yard Sign Orders: We will share this out with you after Spring Break.

Grades and Credits: Right now we are focused on providing learning opportunities for all students in all classes. We will give you more directions about how grades for this semester will be calculated as well as how this will play into credits earned. For now, take time to work on the work provided by your teachers, stay safe, and try not to worry about grades and credits. Just do your best and it will work itself out!

How Do I Contact My Counselor? Advisor? Teacher? Coach? Lunchroom Lady?

All teachers are using Google Email and/or Google Classroom. They are checking their email every school day. Click the link below for the email addresses for staff members!


The following is a list of additional Learning Opportunities and Resources By Topic or Department. Each teacher is working with his or her classroom with specific learning objectives. Below are additional resources you can use to support your learning if you need more opportunities.

NOTE: Teachers may be posting lessons and practice on Edgenuity. Edgenuity contains video tutorials with followup quizzes to check student mastery. Teachers can either post these lessons on their Google Classroom or email a tailored prescription to an individual student via their Google school email account. Use the information below to help you access the platform. Below we have also included learning opportunities for all content areas, in the event you aren't able to access your Google Classroom right now.

Specifically, we have included a "cheat sheet" of what all students can be working on for various content areas, in case you are just now getting around to figuring this digital learning universe out!



How Students access Edgenuity

- Go to or click on the clever icon in the top right corner of Chrome.

- Type in Newnan High

- From there you will login with google

- Once you are logged in it will display different options

- Pick the second box that says Edgenuity

NOTE: Not all students have assigned work in Edgenuity. If you have a course in Edge you should be working on, you can email Phyllis Hall, Kristan Sweet, Janet Brown, or Kesley Darden for assistance or to unlock assignments and tests.

Learning Resources By Content Areas & Subjects for Students Needing More Opportunities.


Math Resources (What Each Math Course Is Providing Students)

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Year Long
  • Google Classroom

  • DeltaMath -assigned by teacher

  • IXL

Semester Long



Year Long
  • Google Classroom

  • Posted Review Practice

  • Given work to help grade


  • Remind

  • Google Classroom

  • Posted Review practice


  • Google classroom

  • Remind

  • Albert IO

  • DeltaMath

Algebra II

Year Long



Senior Level Math

  • Google Classroom

Math College Readiness

Khan Academy

Remind 101

Google classroom

Accelerated Pre Calculus

  • Google Classroom

  • Khan Academy

  • Youtube videos that are helpful

  • Read book and assign problems from the book (my students were all issued a book)

Calculus AB/BC

  • Google classroom

  • AP Practice tests and answers posted on google classroom

  • Khan Academy videos and practice

  • Remind

  • AP Classroom Practice

  • Homemade videos

AP Statistics

  • Google Classroom

  • AP Classroom

  • Khan Academy

  • Teacher Made Videos and Resources

  • Youtube Videos

  • Videos/Podcast provided from textbook

  • Worksheet and answers posted on classroom


Science Resources

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Check your teacher's Google Classroom for tutorials and practice. Science teachers are using Edgenuity, AP Classroom, Bozeman Science, Khan Academy and others in their specific area of science.

Click on the tabs below to access all areas of science.


Social Studies Resources

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AP Central-College boards main site

Crash Course European History with Jumpstart viewing guides

GA Virtual School


Sociology Online Resources

Crash Course Videos:

Khan academy

Conflict Theory:

Social Institutions:

Marriage and Family practice questions:

Understanding Social Practices questions:

Social Norms and Deviant questions:

Agents of Socialization Video:

Ed puzzle

Deviance Crash Course with questions:

What is Sociology Crash Course with questions:

Sociology Research Methods Crash Course with questions:

Ted Talks :

Gender and Religion:

Many videos on Ted Ed(:with lessons)

Quizlet: Have students turn vocab into matching exercise online to review vocab

Social Change:

Social Inequality:

Social Institutions: Family, Education and Religion :

CIVICS (GA virtual learning - American Government) (khan academy) (national geographic curriculum) (Crash Course - Government) - The kids don't like him as much. ( (Library of Congress) (Statistics in Civics) (Supreme Court blog) (game utilizing the Bill of Rights)

Online Resources for Learning Economics

Below are listed the resources below with recommendations for AP and Gen/Adv level economics classes, since those curriculums differ. Most of these are video lists.

  1. Quizlet--we all use basically the same vocabulary list so look up swansonNHS. Click here to go to the upcoming vocabulary for all Gen/Adv classes. It picks up where most of us left off before the closure

  2. Jacob Clifford’s YouTube channel, found here.

    1. For Gen/Adv look under Macroeconomics Videos. The most useful there are the playlists Macro Unit 2, Macro Unit 4, and Macro Unit 6

    2. For AP look under Microeconomics Videos. We have covered the material in Units 1-3. Given the abbreviated test this year, it is unclear how much of Units 4, 5, and 6 the exam will cover. My suspicion at this point is at least go through Micro Unit 4

  3. Crash Course Economics found here

    1. For Gen/Adv videos 1-6, 8-11, 15-16, and 19-20 are most relevant

    2. For AP videos 1-6, 17-18, 19-22, 24-26, 28, and 31 are most relevant

  4. Gen i Revolution found here

    1. It’s a personal finance web based game. Requires them to create an account

  5. The Fed Explained videos found here

    1. This series is best suited for Gen/adv and not AP. This list is of the video titles covering the most relevant topics

      1. The Fed Explains Monetary Policy

      2. The Fed Explains the Central Bank

      3. The Fed Explains the Unemployment Rate

      4. The Fed Explains Inflation

  6. Marginal Revolution University found here

    1. This is best suited to AP and not Gen/Adv

    2. Go to the playlist Principles of Economics: Microeconomics

    3. You can omit video numbers 28-29, 67-68, 70-71, 73-74, and 78-83

Financial Literacy:

English Language Arts

Big picture

9th Grade ELA Resources (free ebooks) (free ebooks) (The Call of the Wild and Romeo and Juliet are a couple of the titles available here.) (There are units on various books, speeches, etc. Thought it maybe something different.) (resources by unit-- just click view under index for each unit and resources pop up) (stories and articles with guiding questions embedded in text) (stories and articles with questions) (articles and stories across all subject matters with questions) (wide range of articles and questions at differing lexiles) (Year long only--guided instruction in reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary) (self-guided vocabulary study; includes ACT and SAT lists) (Holocaust survivor and victim stories and resources with articles and videos)

Gimkit -

Purpose Games -

10th Grade ELA Resources

11th Grade ELA Resources (free ebooks) (free ebooks) (reading with MC and short answer questions) (SAT Practice) (There are units on various books, speeches, etc. Thought it may be something different.)

Gimkit -

Purpose Games -

12th Grade ELA Resources (free ebooks) (free ebooks) (Brave New World, Atlas Shrugged, Jane Eyre, and Frankenstein are just some of the titles included here.) (There are units on various books, speeches, etc. Thought it maybe something different.) (Click View, resources open for each unit) (There are articles and activities for students. It is free now until the end of the school year)

Quizlet (for practicing and reviewing information) for Adv 12th

For all 12th poetry unit -

Gimkit -

Purpose Games -

Free ebooks are available at these websites.


Foreign Language Resources

Big picture Their student should already have an account. Free for 3 Months

AP Students

VHL site and College Board.


CTAE - Business Education / Family & Consumer Science

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Business Ed

Free Office 365

  • If students do not have access to Office, there is a free Office 365 education version available here: Any student with an eligible school email can access Office 365 for free. Students can log into their school accounts at, where they’ll have access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so much more. From this home base, students can select Install Office to download the desktop versions t

Family and Consumer Science

Newnan Family Consumer Science Department is sharing a link to "Choose MyPlate". The U.S. Department of Agriculture operates this site and offers sound eating advice to all Americans age 2 and up. Choose MyPlate also offers a mobile app you can download on your phone that will allow you to pick daily food goals, see real time progress, and earn badges along the way! Choose MyPlate is an opportunity to learn more about nutrition, food groups, and tracking your choices. Give it a try!

Included is an attachment showing five food groups if needed.



The Arts & Drama

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Visual Arts

As a department we are using a variety of resources to provide instruction for our students during this extended absence.

  • Google Classroom

  • Google slides (step by step lessons and art history)

  • Digital copies of Ar and Man, Scholastic, and ceramics Monthly magazines

  • Youtube links for history and “how to” videos

  • Khan instructional videos

  • Remind 101

  • Email

  • Google canvas (online drawing tool)

  • Sketchbook assignments to continue techniques

  • Digital cameras and photographs

  • College Board for AP

This is our current tentative schedule for our visual arts classes

  • Monday: Missing assignment reminder

  • Tuesday: Trivia Tuesday (will post a few review questions)

  • Wednesday: Weekly drawing/ creative challenge (video art tutorial)

  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday Art History (art history slideshow)

  • Friday: Free draw Friday

We are trying to use our curriculum to provide a creative outlet and stress relief for our students.

Performing Arts - All Performing Arts classes have assignments and course materials posted in Google Classroom that students are encouraged to take advantage of.


In addition to the resources available on Google Classroom, here's a

fun set of African Dance lessons from the Kennedy Center.

5ish Minute Dance Lessons


*Students are able to use SmartMusic to access digital music for free

using a code that Dr. Boyd has provided in the google classroom.


In addition to the resources available on Google Classroom, here’s a

good vocal warm-up sequence:

And be sure to check out the PBS series Sing That Thing!


Health & Physical Education

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Daily Work Out

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Media Center

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Online Resources


Online distance learning resources/books


Listen to stories free from laptop, desktop, phone or tablet


Georgia’s virtual library

Password : attend


A variety of resources for education and academic research, peer reviewed articles

Password: Newn38675


Read books online


Follow along each Tuesday at 2pm as author Rex Ogle reads aloud a book he is creating in real time about the current Coronavirus epidemic.


User name : tumble2020

Password : A3b5c6


User name : tumble2020

Password : A3b5c6

Amazon Audibles

Free ebooks from Amazon


library of over 60,000 free eBooks

Open Library

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

National Emergency Library

A collection of books that supports emergency remote teaching, research activities, independent scholarship, and intellectual stimulation while universities, schools, training centers, and libraries are closed - K-6 children's ebook database
Direct Link: - K-6 math ebook database
Direct Link: - gr 7-12 ebook database
Direct Link: - all ages audio book database
Direct Link:


Special Education

For concerns about Individual Education Plans and students with accommodations, please contact your case manager.


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We are leaders.

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