2015 Year Review

Anas Gamblan

3 companies that marketed the best

  • Chevy- I saw these commercials almost on every T.V Channel i watching
  • Under Armor- since they signed the superstar of Stephen Curry this company has boomed dramatically and their marketing has been everywhere.
  • Apple- they released the iPhone 6s this year and literally the whole world wants it. Apple took over the phone industry.

2 of the Best Products of 2015

  • iPhone 6s
  • Apple Watch

Worst Product of 2015

  • Hoverboard
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Top Movies of 2015

  • Furious 7- this was movie was so highly anticipated after the death of one of the main characters Paul Walker. This movie did not disappoint at all, one of the best movies I've ever watched. Also, the music for the soundtrack was made by Wiz Khalifa, created the song "See You Again" that song itself helped market the movie, also they had commercials for the movie everywhere.
  • Straight Outta Compton- This movie was also highly anticipated because it had a real story behind it which was N.W.A on the most notorious music groups in the world coming out of Compton. This movie was marketed through television and also on social media. I think the movie was bound to get a lot of viewers due to the fact that it deals with problems that are still occurring today, such as police brutality.

Top Artist of 2015

  • Drake- He is easily the hottest rapper out right now with millions of people following him. He released the duo album "What A Time To Be Alive" which easily put him in the lead for # 1 rapper.
  • Future- The second hottest rapper after Drake, Future took over the summer of 2015 with the album "DS2" which I think is the best album of 2015. He also marketed himself by making a duo album with Darke.

Top 10 Air Jordans of 2015

  1. Legend Blue 4's
  2. Bred 11 Lows
  3. Bulls Over Broadway Jordan 10
  4. Hare 7's
  5. Retro Chicago Jordan 1's

Personal Improvements

  • I want to get honor roll both quarters
  • Help out in the community more and stay involved
  • Contribute more at home