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Information about our neighboring country, Canada!

Map of Canada
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Where do people live in Canada and why?

Many people in Canada live south, areas near the U.S., and near rivers. People live near the U.S. because of trade. If they didn’t live near the U.S., it would be harder for them to trade with the U.S. Climate has affected where people live in Canada because in northern Canada, it is freezing, and many people don’t want to live where it is cold year long. In Ontario, there is mining and arable land. In places like British Columbia and Quebec, there are many areas of forestry. These are the natural resources that people want to live around.
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Environmental Issues of Canada

Acid rain has impacted the Great Lakes because the lakes are acidic, so organisms living near or in the Great Lakes can’t live. In addition to this, it reduces calcium deposits in the lake faster, so it lowers the levels of calcium in the soil. Over extraction and over use of natural resources in the Canadian Shield has harmed the area because blasting and digging with machines causes the land to get damaged, and that prevents crops from growing. Also, mining causes harmful chemicals to get in the air, and that causes acid rain, so if you mine, there are two problems. Overuse of natural resources can lead to human sickness, and animal death. Timber is a main economic resource that is causing harm to the environment because it is a major cause of forest destruction. It is being cut down to make paper, which destroys forests. Animals lose their homes. Luckily, Canada is passing laws to limit most of these things.

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