LM 550

Case Study of an Automation System

Atriuum vs Destiny

By Kelly Lockridge and Matt Glover


Atriuum is an automated system that will provide schools with the ability to keep our system updated. Atriuum is an affordable, web based, automation system that is easy to learn and has user friendly format with strong technical support and benefits.
  • A web based integrated system that is accessible from any supported web browser.
  • Software can run on any computer.
  • Designed to be user friendly and easy to learn.
  • Atriuum’s technology is built for the cloud, providing a stress-free hosting solution that frees up your network administrators and equipment for more critical tasks.
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Atriuum includes:

  • circulation
  • cataloging
  • searching
  • reporting
  • management

Atriuum 9.6

This updated version of Atriuum has many exciting new features including:
  • Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Worker Messages
  • Pay Fines with PayPal
  • Debt Management Module
  • New OPAC Themes
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Atriuum on the Go

The Atriuum mobile app gives you instant access to the library's catalog from your favorite mobile device. Search for books, DVDs, CDs and more.
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Atriuum offers a 26 minute video that introduces you to atriuum.
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Atriuum Website

On the website they also have many things to explore. Such as, products, services, support, tutorials, contact information, training opportunities, an Atriuum overview, and much more!


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The conversion process is flawless. Atriuum tells you to send them all of your data. They will then convert it and send it back to you. There is no cost for this service.
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They offer DVDs, tutorials, and inside programs. They have on-line, in house, refresher, and on-site training.
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Technical Support

They offer toll free numbers, on-line chats, and email is free. They also have a FAQ for subscribers only. That would be included in the subscription.
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Destiny is a universal system for managing assets (including print and digital textbooks) throughout your school district, promoting greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to inventory, asset and resource management.
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Benefits of Destiny

  • Advanced inventory management and tracking
  • Asset transparency
  • Access to locations of print and digital resources
  • Time and money savings by staying organized
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Destiny Includes:

  • Circulation
  • Cataloging
  • Searching
  • Reporting
  • Management

Destiny 12.5

The updated version of Destiny 12.5 includes:
  • More features in interlibrary loan
  • More easily manage materials with improvements that support ceiling date functionality
  • All products now include a messaging feature that allows your organization to stay on top of current news and announcements
  • Universal Search function, searching and using library resources easier than ever.
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Destiny Mobile App

  • Check in and check out of resources.
  • View of patron account summaries.
  • Search by Patron name.
  • Monitor copy or item status.
  • Enter or scan barcodes and patron barcodes.


Destiny offers a few short video clips to give you a brief introduction to the program.
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Professional Development

Destiny offers on-site training, topic-specific eLearning and instructor-led webinars.
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Destiny Website

On the website they have many things to explore. Such as, services offered, funding, webinars, podcasts, “Best Practices”, blogs, upcoming events, awards, careers, and much more!

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When you work with Follett, you're partnering with a group of individuals fully committed to your success. Your dedicated Follett project manager and the rest of your customer service and support team will always be proactive in making sure you get everything you need from your school management system.

Our customized school implementation and data services get you fully functioning without overloading your existing IT resources. The entire process is built from the ground up to be efficient, painless, and easy. We know how to make our technologies work with and improve your existing systems, no matter what you use today.
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Technical Support

They offer phone, fax, email, and online-chats.
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Why Atriuum?

We chose atriuum because:
  • Price
  • Great Customer Service
  • Atriuum eliminates the need for a dedicated server located at each library
  • Individual libraries can have full control over the configuration of patron/student classes, circulation periods, policies, and fines.
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Another reason we chose atriuum is because of Booktracks. We felt like Booktracks and Atriuum was the best system to go with to move our system into the 21st century.
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Benefits of Booktracks

  • keeps track of textbooks, eReaders, tablets, and laptops.
  • Web based program with tracking ability for all devices.
  • enables administrators to know exactly where each textbook, device, and other assets are located at any point in time and creates accountability and responsibility among students and staff.