Jenea's Poem's

By Jenea

The Day Goes By-Personification

The Rain teaches the Night to flow.

The Stars listen to the Moon and tells the Dawn to dance along.

While the Dawn dances to the Morning and tells it how to come.

Finally,the Sun reminds the Sky to turn Blue.


I like to read books.

They make me feel Silly and,

I want to read more.

Monday-Similes and Metaphors

Piano Practice!,Piano Practice!

I almost forgot!

I am so late!

I am a Cheetah as I run down the stairs.

I turn on my Piano and Practice

All my Notes.

When I finish my new song, I wnet to bed.

It was pretty late.

BeforeI can get into bed, my Mom shows up at my door.

She was as Pink as a Pig. And as mad as a Hungry Shark.

I know exactly Why!

Grandmas Soup

I come off the Bus as my Grandma stops and waits.

I walk up the step's

and in Delight , I smell The wonderful smell

of Soup

I drop My Bookbag and to the Kitchen and there it is!!


I get closer to the pot and SMell,

The Smell of delight it forces me to come closer.

Then i get a Spoon and taste

The feeling makes my toungue tingle as is I hit my funny bone.

Then I listen to the sound

it make smy ears just


Next,I take a good look

Making me drool by the freshly sliced tomatos

Finally, Grandma gives me a bowl,

I eat it

the feeling in my stomach is was warm as if I was in the blazing Sun.