Stem Cells: Gateway to the Future?

Can stem cells help usher in a new age of medicine?

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells in all humans. They are, in embryos, undifferentiated cells. Undifferentiated means that the cells are not yet made to perform functions in the cell. This means that embryonic stem cells can be used as almost any cell! This could mean that, with research, embryonic stem cells can help cure diseases like Parkinson's and cancer. Of course, something as big as this will cause controversy. Many people do not like the idea of harvesting embryos for their stem cells. They say to use the specialized stem cells of an adult, which may be hard to find because of their scarce numbers and limited use. Yet, embryonic stem cells could be much more helpful. It is very controversial, but this can help save millions of lives. Cancer may even be cured! Embryonic stem cells can help change the future. So, why are we not funding this?

Boquana Stem Cell Research Facilities

At Boquana Stem Cell Research Facilities (BSCRT), we like to help make the world a better place. We take embryos from willing donors, with compensation, to do research to help cure diseases. At our headquarters in New York City, we get to work with stem cells from around the country! We look for what could potentially help people with life threatening diseases. Our donation centers in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Richmond, and Cincinnati help on site with research about what causes these diseases, and what can help cure them. Call us at 207-884-2935 for a free "I Support Stem Cells" bumper sticker!