After School Snack Program

A component of the National School Lunch Program

Who is eligible to participate?

In order to be eligible, a site must run the NSLP and sponsor or operate an after school care program that is open to all children. This open program must provide organized, regularly scheduled activities in a structured and supervised environment, including an educational or enrichment activity. Examples of eligible activities include homework assistance, tutoring, supervised “drop-in” athletic programs, extended day programs, and other school clubs. Organized interscholastic programs or community-level competitive sports are not eligible to participate.

How does reimbursement work?

  • If a sponsor has a free and reduced rate of 50% or higher, all reimbursable snacks can be provided for free and claimed at the free rate of reimbursement.
  • Programs not located in eligible areas receive the “free,” “reduced-price,” or “paid” rate depending on each child’s family income.
  • Programs located in schools with a free and reduced rate below 50% will need to claim snacks at each student’s individual eligibility: free, reduced, or paid. For the current rate, click here.

How do I make a reimbursable snack?

Reimbursable snacks must include minimum portion sizes of at least two different food group components, which are described below.


Allie Caito-Sipe

School Nutrition Specialist

Visit the IDOE After School Snack Program webpage.