AP Newsletter

August 2017

A few words (ok! a lot of words!) from your AP Coordinator

I am excited to share this journey with you this school year! I will be updating this newsletter each month with important AP information, announcements and resources you will not want to miss! As you begin working in your AP course(s), keep in mind AP courses are rigorous for a reason. The rich content in these courses will instill knowledge and critical thinking skills that will help prepare you to be successful in college. AP courses strengthen high school transcripts and make students more desirable during the college admission process. Due to this, the coursework is much more challenging than an average high school course, and the expectations for the students are set very high. With that said, please always remember that I believe in the power of YOU! I know that you are prepared academically and personally for the challenges AP will bring your way! If you ever have any questions, concerns or just need a pep talk please reach out to me. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Mrs. Taylor

Email: jtaylor@icademy.com

Phone: 703-436-3223

Skype: icademyjentaylor

Taking the AP Exam

K12 International Academy does not administer AP Exams. Mrs. Taylor will assist you in locating a testing site in your local area. You will be provided with more information regarding test registration as we approach the date of the exam, but you do need to know the CEEB Code and the online provider code for K12 International Academy when you register. These codes are very important!

CEEB Code: 471067 Online Provider Code: 132

The 2018 AP Exams will be administered over two weeks in May: May 7 through 11 and May 14 through 18. Click here to see the 2018 AP Exam Schedule.

Free Resources From College Board

There are many wonderful resources available on the College Board Website. Please utilize these resources, especially if you plan on sitting for the AP Exam in May. To access these resources visit the College Board homepage for students. You will be able to explore a variety of resources for your specific AP Course

AP Boot Camp Sessions! You don't want to miss these!

August 28th at 2pm Eastern

Session 1: Jessica Sullivan and Lindsey Sublett - Why take an AP Course? What are AP Exams? How do I register for an AP Exam? How do I succeed in an AP course? What free online resources are available to me?

August 29th 7pm Eastern

Session 2 : Kara Huskey – What type of student are you?

August 30th at 10am Eastern

Session 3: Tina Marteney - How do I write an effective thesis statement? How do I write a well-organized essay? How can I improve my writing skills?

August 31st at 11am Eastern

Session 4: Deb Gordon, Brittany Schmidt and Erin Wetsel - How can I successfully learn the content in my AP course? What are some strategies for multiple-choice questions? How do I interpret a writing prompt on the exam? How can I alleviate my testing anxiety?

September 1St at 9:30am Eastern

Session 5: Jennifer Connor and Julie Kreiman - Time Management and Study Skills, Q&A Session