Hydrogen Fuel Cell

"Hydrogen Fuel Cell Will Make Everything Well"

What is Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

Hydrogen Fuel Cells (HFC) is used in cars to convert chemicals hydrogen and oxygen into water, and in the process it produces electricity. The HFC is replacing a battery in your car, With chemicals always flowing through it will never go dead as long as there is a flow.

How Much does this Cost?

It cost around $1,000 for every kilowatt of power generated, or around $100,000 per car.

What are the Materials require, Maintenance and Longevity.

You need a car with the Hydrogen Fuel Cells "battery". The maintenance cost is much lower because they have less moving parts. The less moving the less friction that can damage the car. The range for driving can last 300 to 400 miles more than batteries.

What are the uses?

The main use that common day people do is use it to replace their battery in a car. Also, NASA uses Hydrogen Energy, since the 1970's, to fuel space shuttles and other rockets into orbit.
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High cost because of platinum, requires fuel, reliability isn't stable, sensitive to temperature and contamination, hydrogen fuel not readily available, safety concerns for with hydrogen (better than gasoline though), low density fuel compared to gasoline, and could become irrelevant if batteries got better.