Civil Rights Movement

By: Sarah Parmenter

Effects of the Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement has greatly changes the United Stated for the better. The Civil Rights Act and movement have given people better college educations (and school in general), better paying jobs, and more regardless of the color of their skin.With the civil rights movement all races can get out of poverty and better their lives as the days go on. Although racism will never fully go away, many people who fought for this movement made the world a little more equal and got rid of a great amount of racism in the places they call home.

Throughout the readings of this flyer, you will get a better insight and understanding of how, and how much the civil rights movement has gotten America to where and who we are now. You will see the lives of the people who help change the world and what they did to end segregation and racism to make the world a more equal, and safer place.

Strategies & Tactics

Unsung Heroes

Catherine Burks-Brooks

Catherine Burks-Brooks was always someone who never wanted to be told to do. Because of this, she got arrested several times, but decided it was her job to stop segregation and to earn her rights. She explained that a man threatened to put out a cigarette on her face if she didn't leave, she started to sing "We Shall Not be Moved" and awaited the pain that never occurred. She is still a strong, independent woman who gets to see all the changes in the world and lives to tell all the stories of how she helped desegregate the world.

"We knew there was a possibility that we might die, but once you lose the fear (of dying) there is nothing else (after that)." -Catherine Burks-Brooks

Russell Campbell

Campbell was arrested several times for helping people like him fight for their rights. Once while on his first few days of being in jail, he wrote a letter explaining the situation to his family. His father too the letter to a black newspaper and had it published with a picture of Russell on the front. A woman by the name of Viola Liuzzo called as many people as she could to do anything she could to help. Liuzzo was shot and killed by the KKK while trying to heed the call to Martin Luther King Jr. Even after 50 years, Campbell explains that he still feels guilty for what happened to Viola, and if he hadn't sent the letter she wouldn't have been killed.

"My mind was set on changing things. Anything that tore down the walls of segregation was not illegal, it was a necessity." -Russell Campbell

5 Major Events

Little Rock Central High School

Nine students were enrolled at Little Rock Central High School which was an all white school. The students attended everyday classes and were constantly bullied and sometimes even hurt because of the color of their skin. In the end, one of the students (Ernest Green) came out of the school with a good education and a diploma.

Murder of Emmitt Till

Emmett Till was caught flirting with a cashier, and just days later he was kidnapped and beat almost to death before being shot. When the police found him, he had been submerged in water for a few days. The men who killed Till were tried for murder but the all-white jury let them off.

Brown vs. Board of Education 1954

Brown vs. Board of education put up a fight of desegregating the schools. In 1954 the government finally decided it was unequal and and not reasonable to segregate school because it caused problems and cost more money.

Voting Rights 1965

In 1965 after a big and long fight blacks finally earned their right to vote. It took a long time and it was a huge step towards desegregation.