What To Expect When Expecting

By Bobby Greenstreet 6th hour

The First Trimester

-For you mom there are a few major signs. Your breast may become tender and swollen, possibly acne, and mood swings. Now by the fifth week the embryo is about the size of a sesame seed. Also the spinal cord, nerves, and babies brain have begun to develop. By 6 weeks the child's' heart begins to beat (almost twice as fast as your own.) Also, the child has translucent eyelid folds are beginning to form and by 8 weeks the cells in the baby's brain are branching out to connect with one another.

The Second Trimester

-You will now begin to start feeling better and start showing the pregnancy more, your tummy is starting to pop! Morning sickness usually starts to lessen. Your appetite may increase. As for the baby during the second trimester all of their organs and systems have developed. Tiny tooth buds are forming under the under the gums, and the child can now swallow and urinate amniotic fluid. Now the focus is growing in size and weight.

The Third Trimester

-You've made it to the third trimester! Some women become uncomfortable as their due date nears. Your baby is growing and crowds the abdominal cavity. Some are free of the discomfort. You may begin to see stretch marks appear on your breast or stomach. Your baby is still growing in weight and size. The child can see and hear, the brain and lungs are still developing and maturing. By 38 to 40 weeks the lungs will be completely matured. By the 36th week the head of the baby will begin to point downward into the pelvic region. The bones of the skull will be soft to make it easier to pass through the birth canal.

Advice for the dad

-During the pregnancy be patient and calm with the mood swings the soon to-be-mom may have. Be comforting and understanding with the pain she may be experiencing. After the baby is born its going to be a rough first few months! Be prepared for very frequent feedings and diaper changes. For the first three months the infant will most likely not sleep throughout the whole night. Tons of restless nights ahead! Not everything is stressful.