Hurricane Jeanne

November 20, 2012


Hello, my name is Jessalynn Morgan and I am going to give you some information about hurricanes, and one specific hurricane named Jeanne. I think you all can agree with me that hurricanes are very dangerous. They are violent storms that take down everything in their way. I think you are going to find this article very helpful.

How Are Hurricanes Formed?

Hurricanes are formed over really warm parts of the ocean. While the hurricane rises, the air must cool off. The wind must blow the same direction and speed to force warm air up. Also for the hurricane to spin it needs the Coriolis Force. Hurricanes are very dangerous, but if it doesn't have any of these things to form then it looses most of its power. All of this is during the hurricane season, which is from June 1st to November 30th.

What Are The Hurricanes Strengths?

Hurricanes are very powerful, they have strengths that we can't describe. One way a hurricane can maintain its strength is, as long as it is over water, then the moist warm air can rise. Hurricanes can also loose strength or weaken. Right when a hurricane makes landfall it looses its supply of energy. Hurricanes obviously have many different strengths.

Categorizing Hurricanes!

While categorizing hurricanes you will be looking at 5 different categories. The categories are, 1: 74-95, 2: 96-110, 3: 111-130, 4: 131-155, and 5 is anything greater than 155 miles per hour. When you are trying to find a category for a hurricane, you must look at the highest wind speed for that hurricane. The scale is called the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. This is how you categorize hurricanes.

The History of Naming Hurricanes!

The history behind naming hurricanes is quite interesting. In 1950 to 1952, tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean were named by the phonetic alphabet In 1953 they switched it to womens names. Around the United States only womens names were used until 1979. That was the time when they thought they should use mans names too. Personally I think this is a little insulting that they waited to use mans names because, men can be as grumpy as women can be. Now, lets get back to the topic. If there is a hurricane that does a specific amount of damage, then that name retires, and they switch it with another name for that hurricane.

The Famous Hurricane Jeanne!

The Famous Hurricane I studied was hurricane Jeanne. Hurricane Jeanne was formed on September 13th 2004. Jeanne made landfall on September 15th in the Dominican Republic. When she made landfall, her wind speeds went up to 120 miles per hour. Around 3,600 people lost their life's during this hurricane. The estimated price due to this hurricane was 6.9 million dollars! Also somewhere near 200,000 people were left without homes. Hurricane Jeanne also tore through six states. These states were Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Personally this is the biggest hurricane I have ever seen! If you didn't know, the hurricanes eye was 60 miles long! Also this hurricane was formed by a tropical wave. WOW! This was one wild hurricane!


I hope you found all of this information helpful. Also when you are witnessing a hurricane, think about its history, how the monster was formed, and all of the fascinating facts that you have learned. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.
Big image

Hurricane Jeanne's Satellite Image

Jeanne was a massive hurricane. As you are looking at the picture notice that the eye of the hurricane is huge. The eye of Jeanne was 60 miles long!

Written By: Jessalynn Morgan