John Tyler

The 10th president of the US

About John Tyler!

Date Of Birth- March 29, 1790

Date Of Death- January 18, 1862

Term In Office- 1841-1845

Education- College Of William and Mary

Political Affiliation- Democratic-Republican ( Whig Party )

Background Information

John Tyler was born on March 29, 1790, in Charles City County, Virginia. Tyler served as governor of Virginia, just like his Father. In the War of 1812, Tyler served as a military captain. He was then elected to the House of Representatives; he gained influence during his tenure in the House, from 1816 to 1821. Representing the Whig Party, he was the first vice president to become president due the death of the president. Tyler was sworn in as the 10th president of the United States in 1841. A strong supporter of states’ rights, Tyler was a Democratic-Republican; however, in 1840 he ran for the vice presidency on the Whig ticket. As president, Tyler clashed with the Whigs, who later tried, unsuccessfully, to impeach him. Many years later he died after suffering a stroke on January 18, 1862, in Richmond, Virginia.

Accomplishments / Events

- Tyler's entire cabinet, with the exception of Secretary of State Daniel Webster, resigns after Tyler vetoes a second bill for the establishment of a National Bank of the United States. September 11, 1841

-The signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty normalizes U.S.-British relations by adjusting the Maine-Brunswick border, settling boundary issues around western Lake Superior, and resurveying numerous smaller borders. August 09, 1842

-The Texas Annexation Treaty fails to gain the required two-thirds majority in the Senate amid controversy over the western expansion of the nation. June 08, 1844

-On March 1, 1845, President John Tyler signed the Texas annexation bill. The bill called for Texas to enter the United States directly as a state, with its boundaries to be determined after annexation.

Famous Quotes

- "I can never consent to being dictated to."

- "If we find ourselves increasing beyond example in numbers, in strength, in wealth, in knowledge, in everything which promotes human and social happiness, let us ever remember our dependence for all these on the protection and merciful dispensations of Divine Providence."

- "The great truth that government was made for the people and not the people for government has already been established in the practice and by the example of these United States, and we can do no other than contemplate its further exemplification by a sister republic with the deepest interest."

2016 Election

If john Tyler was voting in the coming up election, i feel he would voted for Donald Trump because of his values/ believes and also because his foreign policy is different.

By: Taylor Johnson